Gold Medalist as M.S Gynecologist.

Gold Medalist in M.B.B.S

More than 50 trophies and medals from other Academic year.

ICOG Certified fellowship of laparoscopic surgery.

Trained for Fittel medicine and advanced Sonography.

Tranied as a laproscopic Tl institutional goverment of india.

Worked as a Senior Gynecologist at Sindhu Hospital ,Kanoria Hospital and Matru Hospital.

Provided Services in Swami Tenuram,Alameen and parvati Jadav Trust.

Gynecologist at Sidhi Hospital and Reshambhai Hospital.

RNT Medical College,More than 5000 delivery in udaipur,Opration in which Complicated Delivery,Laparoscopy,opration without stitches,Diagnosis Of uternine and Ovarian cancer.

Micro Surgeries and Sterilization have been Successfully Resolved.Research and Paper(others) have been Done.

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