Audiology / Audiometry

An Audiogram is a graph that shows the softest sounds a person can hear at different pitches or frequencies. Asymmetrical hearing loss is when each ear has a different level or type of hearing loss.

The Audiogram is a graph which gives a detailed description of your hearing ability and which can be described as a picture of your sense of hearing.

Based on the Audiogram, among other things, the hearing health care professional can tell whether or not you are suffering from hearing loss and, if so, determine how serious it is.

The Audiogram illustrates your hearing ability by showing your hearing threshold at various frequencies. Hearing threshold is an indication of how soft a sound may get before it is inaudible.

There are two types of data that are shown in an Audiogram: frequency, and intensity. If you’re not sure what these are, just check out the explanations of frequency and intensity of sounds.

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