Paediatrics Cancer

Surgery is one of the cornerstones of cancer treatments. The goal of surgical oncology is to physically remove as much of the tumor as safely possible.

Surgery has an integral role in treating most childhood cancers.

Whether surgically removing a tumor, supporting non-surgical treatment such as chemotherapy, or performing reconstructive surgery.

Cancer can develop virtually anywhere in the body, from the head (brain, eyes) to the chest and abdomen, to the legs.

Surgery to Diagnose Cancer:

We may perform surgery during the diagnosis phase of your child’s care:

Surgery for diagnosis. A biopsy is a surgical procedure to confirm a diagnosis of cancer. We remove a small piece of the tumor and send it to our lab. There, expert pathologists with experience in childhood cancer analyze the tissue carefully to determine whether it is cancerous.

Staging. Sometimes, we may need to perform a procedure in order to stage the cancer. This allows us to determine how advanced the cancer is and if it has spread.

Surgery to Treat Cancer:

Surgery is one of the Primary Treatments for Cancer. We may use surgery in a number of different ways to treat your child’s Cancer:

Primary Treatment. Sometimes, surgery may be the only treatment your child needs. This usually depends on the location of the tumor, the type of cancer and whether it has spread. Your child’s doctor may determine, based on testing, that surgery can effectively remove the tumor.

Palliative Surgery. We may use surgery to relieve symptoms and improve your child’s quality of life, even if the surgery cannot treat the cancer itself. If the tumor is pressing on a nerve or bone, causing pain, We can use surgery to relieve those symptoms.

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Paediatrics Cancer

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