Snoring is a common problem, indeed most adult’s snore at some stage. Men snore more commonly than women but not exclusively! There are many folk laws and remedies for Snoring, some of which are more successful than others.

Snoring may occur in isolation or may be the sign of a more important underlying condition known as sleep apnoea where the patient actually stops breathing at night and has very adverse effect on their sleep patterns making them tired during the day and in extreme cases they can be a danger to themselves and others if they attempt to drive and fall asleep at the wheel.

The Majority of people who snore and certainly those with sleep apnoea will be significantly above their ideal body mass. If you calculate a body mass index (weight in kilograms divided by height in metres squared) and the result is over 25 then you would probably benefit from a reduction in your weight which may improve the Snoring.

Hypothyroidism, All patients who snore or have sleep apnoea should have thyroid function tests checked. Nasal obstruction for whatever reason may exacerbate Snoring or cause sleep apnoea. Alcohol, patients who drink alcohol in the evening particularly just before they go to bed will often find they are Snoring worse.

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